Water Picks Reviews (Waterpiks)

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Waterpiks are useful in dental care.

A product on the market that has been getting a lot of publicity lately are water picks and this is another of those water picks reviews.

Although many people think it is a new product, the Waterpik (tradename) has actually been around since the mid 50’s. The Waterpik is also referred to as a “Water Flosser” or a “Dental Water Jet”. People call them water picks too. There are many water pick brands to choose from and you can buy one at just about any store.

In my opinion, the Waterpik is a wonderful adjunct to the daily routine of oral health care. I do not believe the waterpik is something that can replace the daily use of dental floss. However, the waterpik is something proven to aid in the debridement of plaque and food from our teeth. It is also a wonderful alternative for someone who cannot use traditional floss (due to problems such as: arthritis or other dexterity problems). Because of its quick ease of use, the Waterpik is an excellent tool for helping clean or debride your teeth if you have crowns, bridges, or even orthodontic braces.

While I have not seen these results first hand, however, I think they might be worth mentioning. The companies claim waterpiks can help with gingivitis due to the combination of water pressure and the pulsation which massages the gums.

Like mentioned before, Waterpiks are a great addition to oral health care, but nothing can or should replace the standard dental hygiene routine of brushing multiple times a day and flossing daily.

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