Family Dentistry

Dr. Hafen and Dr. Gonzalez offer a comprehensive list of general dentistry services for the whole family! Whatever your dental health needs may be, our dedicated staff has what it takes to give you quality dental care.

Cleanings & Exams

We are happy to work with you to schedule cleanings and exams at convenient times for everyone in the family. Dr. Hafen and Dr. Gonzalez will help you maintain your healthy smile, teeth, and gums. Regular dental visits will help us stay on top of potential oral health risks like decay, disease, and cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to a smile that lasts a lifetime!

Decay & Damage Repair

Do you have a broken tooth? Cracked or worn down teeth can be a haven for bacteria, and creating a possibility that pain and infection will develop. The sooner you receive restorative dentistry, the easier treatment will be. Dr. Hafen and Dr. Gonzalez can salvage damaged teeth with lifelike crowns and fillings.

Gum Disease Treatments

While dentistry is about creating a beautiful smile, there’s so much more to it! Problems like gum disease can lead to overall health problems, increasing patients’ susceptibility to stroke, type 2 diabetes, and pregnancy complications. You can keep your gums healthy with regular visits to your general dentist.

Helping with Halitosis, Jaw Pain, and More

Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, can be frustrating. Jaw pain can lead to headaches and make it difficult to enjoy daily life. Dr. Hafen and his team have the training necessary to reverse common dental concerns like bad breath and TMJ disorder, so you can enjoy your smile more every day.

Join Our Dental Family Today!

We welcome new patients and look forward to providing you and your family with the best dental care possible. We will make each visit a warm, friendly, and relaxing one! Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.