Care of Your Dental Bridge

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care of your dental bridge

Were you recently fitted with a dental bridge to fill the gap created by missing teeth?

Whether you want to improve your appearance or make it easier to eat your favorite foods, how well your dental bridge will work out has a lot to do with how you take care of it and yourself.

You must understand that the bridge will no longer fit correctly if the teeth that are anchoring it weaken due to cracks or cavities.

Also, the fit of the bridge and the functionality of the bite can also be hampered by the health of your other teeth. Keep in mind the fit of your bridge was made with your other teeth in good condition. Chips, cracks, and breaks can alter the way you bite down with your bridge, making it uncomfortable to wear and ineffective when eating. Teeth that have been weakened by normal wear and tear can be spotted immediately before they become a problem at a regular dental check up.

Dental bridges can also loosen up after a while. The dentist can easily adjust them in a single office visit, avoiding further expense, if you make an appointment as soon as the bridge starts to feel different in your mouth. Avoiding making an appointment will only prolong your discomfort and may cause other problems as well.

Regular dental checkups every six months can not only expand the life expectancy of your bridge, but also keep the rest of your teeth healthy. Why incur the added expense and discomfort of dentures if you don’t have to? Strong, healthy teeth easily support a dental bridge, an investment that can give you a long lasting beautiful smile and allow you to continue to eat your favorite foods.

Olympia Hills Family Dental is there to help you with your dental appliances. We specialize in making sure your dental work works for you.  If you have any problems with a dental bridge, please make an appointment with us and we will get it corrected.

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