A Canker Sore Treatment That Works

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Canker sore treatment that works
Relieving canker sore pain can put a smile back on your face.
Awhile ago I posted a little entry on Canker Sores and canker sore treatment.  My information was based on things I had studied and/or seen, but I had never had one before.  Then I got one.  My canker sore was under my tongue and it hurt!

So, I decided I would try what Dr. Henslee suggested and use the Chlorhexidine for 30 seconds (multiple times a day).

Let me tell you, my sore went away within 3-4 days.  The Chlorhexidine helped in shortening the life of the canker sore and it helped to reduce the sensitivity as well.  From personal experience, Chlorhexidine really can help those that suffer from canker sores.