Dental Insurance – What is that?

Why Dental Insurance isn’t Really Insurance

I know it sounds odd, but dental insurance isn’t insurance at all, it is an employee benefit. 
What’s the difference? Insurance is designed to pay for catastrophic events, benefits are designed to make treatment more affordable. If we get life insurance, the insurance company doesn’t show us two plans and ask how much we want to pay. We have to get a physical, tell them our age, how much we weigh, if we smoke…before they will give us a quote. By comparison, when we sign up for dental “insurance” we are asked if we want the standard plan or the high plan. That’s it. No exam, no questions on our oral health, if we smoke, our diet, nothing. The reason why dental companies don’t ask these questions is because they are not paying based on the treatment needed. They are going to offer the same discounted plan to all the employees regardless of their dental health. 
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